About Us

DogPack App is a Canadian-owned family business created and run by four brothers. We are passionate about dogs and have been around them our entire lives. Our first family dog was a German Shepherd; next was a Rottweiler; now we have a Belgian Malinois and a Giant Schnauzer. Having these big working dogs around made one thing very clear - dogs need to exercise often. Without enough exercise, our dogs simply do not feel their best. We decided to create a mobile app to help dog owners find dog-friendly spots and help their pups get the exercise they need.

four brother 

The DogPack Team on a cold Montreal night with our Belgian Malinois, Bear


While our App began primarily as a dog park finder, we have evolved into so much more. DogPack is now the largest social dog community on the planet, where dog owners share pictures, videos, and experiences with one another. Along with that, dog owners can find dog parks nearby in 15 different countries, and dog businesses can place their service on our map to gain further exposure in their area. Additionally, if the worst has happened and a dog goes missing, we have built a functionality where dog owners can report their lost dog. We then immediately take it upon ourselves to notify everyone in the DogPack community in the area where the dog went missing completely Free of charge. We can only imagine the pain one must feel when their dog goes missing, so we do our absolute best to help without putting any financial strain on the dog owner. Our number one goal has always been to support and improve the lives of dog owners and create an app that would be warm and welcoming for all pup parents.

Giant Schnauzer

Jazz, our Giant Schnauzer


We are now also proud to have launched our very own shop, where dog owners can purchase high-quality products for their pups. Like the quality we have brought to our App, having the DogPack logo on your dog accessories will ensure that your dog is getting the very best. Just like any business, we need revenue to operate. That said, we took it upon ourselves to donate 10% of our earnings to dog shelters. Our mission is to create great products and give back to the dog community at the same time.

Bear having fun with a leaf

We want to thank everyone who uses our App, our Website, or purchases from our Shop. Your support means everything to us, and we can promise that we will continue to make DogPack the place to be for every dog owner 😀

The DogPack Team