The Benefits of a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

The Benefits of a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

We all know that our dog's favorite time of the day is mealtime. They watch you as you prepare their bowl, and their tail begins to wag with excitement as you add a couple of extra treats to their food. The problem is that they get so excited that they wolf down the entire bowl in 3 seconds flat. There are numerous reasons why dogs eat quickly, but the main one is related to their survival instincts. Dogs and their ancestors had to compete for food resources in the wild. Eating quickly ensured they could consume as much food as possible before other animals came to claim it. This survival instinct is still present in domesticated dogs. Given that our pups do not need to compete for resources at home, it is best that they eat slowly. In this article, we go through the main benefits of a slow-feeder dog bowl, which forces your dog to eat slowly.

Benefits of your dog eating from a slow feeder

Prevents Gulping and Choking

When dogs gulp their food quickly, it can lead to choking hazards. A slow feeder bowl forces the dog to eat slower, reducing the risk of choking and potential respiratory issues.

Aids Digestion 

Eating too quickly can lead to indigestion, bloating, and gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs. A slow feeder bowl allows your dog to chew their food correctly, aiding digestion and reducing the likelihood of stomach problems.

Mental Stimulation

Eating from a slow feeder bowl can be a fun and mentally stimulating activity for your dog. The various obstacles and patterns in the bowl make mealtime more engaging, providing mental enrichment that is extremely beneficial for your pup's well-being. Dogs should be mentally stimulated daily, and adding a slow feeder to the routine can make mealtime an additional time in the day to fulfill this need easily.  

Encourages Natural Foraging Behavior

In the wild, dogs would spend time searching and foraging for their food. A slow feeder bowl taps into this natural instinct, as your dog will have to use their nose and paws to access the food between the obstacles.

Better Mealtime Behavior

Eating too quickly can lead to food aggression or possessive behavior, especially in multi-dog households. Slower eating can foster more relaxed and well-mannered mealtime behavior, reducing conflicts and improving the overall feeding experience for your pet.

Our Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

DogPack's Slow Feeder dog bowl is very effective yet simple at the same time. The first step is to fill the dispensers surrounding the bowl with dog kibble or treats. This is made very simple with the funnel that is included with the toy, so filling up the bowl with food only takes about 30-40 seconds. Once you've done that, let your dog go for mealtime and watch them flourish. They will be mentally stimulated while they eat and will eat at a slow, healthy pace. Your dog will learn to spin the wheel to let the food fall out from the openings on the side of the bowl, and improve after each meal. With this feeder, your dog may be more excited to complete the puzzle than eat the food!

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