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Suction Pull-Toy

Suction Pull-Toy

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We love our dogs. We really do. But isn't it great when they can entertain themselves for a couple of hours? We have the solution for this; our Suction Pull-Toy will keep your pup entertained for hours on end. One end of the toy will firmly suction to the floor, and the other end is for your dog to pull on with the option to fill with treats. Your dog will be burning off their energy with this toy instead of doing zoomies around the house, they will have loads of fun, and you can have some time to yourself...what could be better?

Product highlights

  • Durable non-toxic material for long lasting fun
  • Ideal for small to medium sized dogs
  • Bumpy exterior mold that your dog will love to chew
  • Opening in the toy where you can fill treats
  • Odor Free and quick dry Material
  • DogPack branded for a high quality guarantee

Note: The Toy is designed to be pulled on from the ball side of the toy. If your dog chews for a while on the stretchy rope attaching the ball to the toy, well, you will likely be left with a cool unattached feeder ball and a suction cup 😅 Adding food/treats inside the ball incentivizes your dog to pull there. To maximize the lifespan of your dog's toy, always supervise them while playing, and if things get too rough, give the toy a break.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robin Jardine
Great when modified

Didn't work on the floor at all. Stuck the suction cup to a metal door and it works great!

Renee Williams
Not for the aggressive chewers!

This was a great toy, yes I said was…. We only had it for 2 days when my pup was able to pull of off the floor. Even after we installed the “extra sticky” patch on the floor then once he had it off he chewed through the rope disconnecting the ball all together. That too only lasted about 2 days from receiving it as the squeaker broke.

Cool toy

Very cool 😎 toy 🧸 and with a great suction grip.
However Cookie didn’t like to play with it as the ball is too big for her mouth.
I highly recommend this toy for Staffies and bigger dogs .

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