Tug of War Pro Toy

DogPack’s Tug Of War Pro Toy

We all love playing tug of war with our dogs, and our dogs definitely love playing too. Tug of War is a great way to stimulate your dog physically and is also a fun way to bond with your pup. When it comes to playing this game, it is important to use the proper equipment for your and your dog's safety. DogPack has designed the all-new Tug of War Pro Toy for this type of play. 

One end of the Tug of War Toy is an extremely durable, Non-Toxic Rubber material which is intended for chewing, gnawing - and whatever other ways your pup likes to abuse their toys. The rubber side of the toy is also specially designed with a pattern that dogs love to chew on.

The other end of the toy is a strong rope handle with a knot at the end for grip. We know that all dogs are different, and some will prefer to pull on the rope side of the toy. For this reason, we made sure to make the rope durable enough to withstand pulling and chewing on either side of the toy. This toy will last longer than any of your other ones - even with all the abuse it will take. The toy is ideal for any dog!

Tug of war is a lot of fun and will play into your dog's instincts of trying to pull something apart - to put it lightly. Watch as your dog gets into their element with this game and entirely focuses on the task, beating you in their version of an arm wrestle!

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