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Tug of War Pro Toy

Tug of War Pro Toy

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Do you love playing tug of war with your pup? No, but you do it anyway because your dog loves it? Either way, this is the perfect option! With a strong rope handle to grip onto, you don't need to worry about accidentally getting bit. Your dog will love pulling and chewing on the rubber side of the toy. Even for the big dogs out there, this toy will be DIFFICULT to break.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-toxic rubber material
  • Extremely durable - even for the strongest jaws
  • Strong rope handle with knot at the end for grip
  • Pattern on the rubber side that dogs love to chew on
  • Keep your dog entertained for hours whether you are playing with them or they are chewing on their own.
  • DogPack branded for a high quality guarantee

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Customer Reviews

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It's bigger than I thought so he can't really get his mouth around it yet, but I think it'll be fine

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