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Durable Scrunchie Toy

Durable Scrunchie Toy

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We know that your pup just loves to chew things - especially their toys. That's why we created these funky-looking toys that are durable. They make crinkly noises when chewed, so they are perfect if you dislike the constant *squeak* *squeak**squeak* noises from your dog's other toys. While this toy is highly durable for chewing, it is not intended for tug of war - that may result in a dismembered red dragon.

Product highlights

  • Durable non-toxic material for long lasting fun
  • Makes crinkly noises when chewed which your dog will love
  • Will easily become your dog’s new favorite toy
  • DogPack branded for a high quality guarantee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emily S
Fun, crinkly toy

It was a very fun playing experience for my dog! He rips almost every toy apart in a day or two, so I am not concerned that he got through it quickly. There is crinkly plastic inside to be aware of…as always, supervise your pet. 😊

Di J
Squeaky Toy

Too expensive!

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